Living on campus: Is it right for you?

Following a previous post last year of my friend and also scholarship recipient Garet Quigg who wrote about advantages when living off campus, in this post I will talk about some advantages for those who prefer living on campus. I will try to follow the same style of Garet, since I believe by doing this it will be easier for you to compare and choose which option is the most suitable for you.

Firstly, I would like to say that these are my thoughts about living on campus based on my experience in Aston so far. Remember, you could find some changes regarding accommodation on campus in the next academic year 2015/2016.



  • Accommodation fee includes all basic services: Living on campus means that you will not worry about monthly bills because your fee will include not just rent, but also essential services such as internet, energy, heating, maintenance and cleaning (please look for specific details on Aston’s website).
  • Refurbishment in rooms and common areas are quite new: In case of renting a place on campus, the university provides brand new refurbishment, so this means that you will not need to buy additional items for you “home”.
  • You are really close to attend lectures: This is a tricky question. Sure, it will be faster to leaving home to attend lectures, but remember that you may need to use lifts and walk for at least 3-5 minutes to get into the buildings. In addition, the British culture for time management says that you should get at any appointment with a minimum of 5 minutes in advance.
  • You have the opportunity to know people quite well: Living on campus is also a nice opportunity to get along with your classmates, other students and your flatmates (I suggest putting an effort and establishing a good relationship with them). Life is easier with friends around.


In general, I would say that living on campus is more suitable for those who are single (based on Garet’s experience, I believe that off campus is more suitable for couples who wish to live together). There is also a risk of being “isolated” from life in the city as most activities are inside campus such as lectures and events, and some things here were made for facilitating your life such as supermarket, gym and pubs on campus. So, my final advice will be: if you wish to live on campus, make the most of your time among your friends in class and those who live with you. Explore the city a bit; invite your friends who live off campus for some activities here and there. At the end, your time here can be quite nice.


Thanks for reading!


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