International Student Ambassador

Among all the volunteering experiences I had in my life, the most recent one has become pretty interesting. As being a recipient of a Santander Scholarship, I was invited for the International Office at Aston to take part as a member in the International Student Ambassador scheme. I was flattered and keen to start after they told me about the characteristics of this kind of job.

The job consists in a part-time position to promote Higher Education and Aston University to potential students and their friends and family, inside and outside campus. An important point is that with my experience as a student living on campus, I can provide information to future students using my insights about all aspects of the University and life at Aston, such as the use of facilities, gym, library, classrooms, and also other aspects of life in Birmingham. As Ambassadors, we are supposed to engage in a number of activities such as conducting campus tours, assisting at education exhibitions and incoming visits to the university, assisting in web-based activities such as Live chats and Skype campaigns and presenting on student life at Aston and in the UK, even at recruitment fairs around the country.

This week I was assigned for my first campus tour and the experience was great! I helped to conduct a group of 25 people composed by high school students and teachers. We have been around the whole campus and I could share my knowledge and experience with them. Now, I feel more confident to do the next tour by my own and I hope to be involved in this venture even more in the future. I really like activities that involve talking and meeting new people. I am sure that I will have many stories to share with you!


Thanks for reading.



I'm from Recife, a beautiful coastal city located in the Brazilian Northeastern region. I'm communicative and easy-going, also a film fanatic. Like sports, gym, and love chilling out with my friends for a drink at a pub or beach.