Leaving Brazil to initiate a new phase of my life in the UK

It feels like yesterday when for the first time I started learning about geography while in elementary school. I remember that one of the things I most liked to do was to glance at the world map trying to memorize the countries’ names and capitals by region.

After first steps into high school my family have encouraged me to take the studies of languages more seriously. English was the first choice; a natural selection as music and video games became an efficient way to communicate and make friends throughout my youth.

Through my studies of languages the world seemed to get smaller every day. I was able to connect with people from different parts of the world and establish good friendship relations with them. As a result, nowadays, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I believe that some of my major characteristics are being communicative and very interested on getting to know new people with different cultural backgrounds.

I am very keen to start my new life in the UK while studying on a masters course at Aston University. I am certain this period among students, professors and staff will bring a myriad of experiences to share in this blog. It will be the first time I am leaving my city, Recife, for a long period and I believe I have made the best decision in my whole life so far.

Follows a picture of Recife’s ground zero. Hope you enjoy the blog.



I'm from Recife, a beautiful coastal city located in the Brazilian Northeastern region. I'm communicative and easy-going, also a film fanatic. Like sports, gym, and love chilling out with my friends for a drink at a pub or beach.

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