End of year holidays: lots of fun and findings.

I consider myself a very lucky person based on the friends I have made so far. Feel people can enjoy of the companionship of such good friends. During the last holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure to visit many friends in the UK and overseas. Being reunite over this period was quite pleasant and having fun was part of our daily activities.

For starters, I left Birmingham to visit some friends in Tunbridge Wells, Southeast England. Royal Tunbridge Wells (often shortened to Tunbridge Wells) is a large town in western Kent, England, about 40 miles (64 km) southeast of central London by road and 34.5 miles (55.5 km) by rail. The town has a population of around 56,500 and it is close to the border of the county of East Sussex. The town came into being as a spa in the Restoration period and had its heyday as a tourist resort under Beau Nash when the Pantiles and its chalybeate spring attracted visitors who wished to take the waters. Though its popularity waned with the advent of sea bathing, the town remains popular and derives some 30% of its income from the tourist industry. In the UK, Royal Tunbridge Wells has a reputation as being the archetypal conservative “Middle England” town. As being a conservative town, it is quite easy to find many buildings with different British architecture styles such as Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Elizabethan. Therefore, Tunbridge Wells is the perfect place for a walk around history. During the Christmas period, I also have the opportunity to visit Brighton, a nice town on the south coast of Great Britain.

After Christmas in Tunbridge Wells, I joined some friends for New Year’s Eve in London and we were looking for watch the fireworks at the London Eye. Previously, the event was free but its popularity put too much of a strain on transport and safety, hence this year the London’s Mayor offered just 100,000 tickets costing £10 each, but these sold out in early December. Thus, we managed to find a nice spot at Lambeth Bridge, since Westminster and Waterloo bridges were closed for open public, just ticket holders were allowed to be in those areas. Well, even with some difficulties we have chosen the right “free” spot for watching the event from there it was possible to follow the whole spectacle. In addition to that, we spent some days enjoying London.

Further, I went to Denmark to visit some friends on a one-week trip. It was my first time in Scandinavia. I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen and Aarhus (second largest city in Denmark). Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark, with an urban population of around 1,200.000. The city is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and it was founded as a Viking fishing village in the 10th century. The Danish capital is known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, with bicycles actually outnumbering its inhabitants. The city’s bicycle paths are extensive and well used by everyone. There are 400 km of cycle lanes not shared with cars or pedestrians, and sometimes have their own signal systems. The atmosphere in the city is quite pleasant and pretty safe, not just in the capital, but in general around the whole country. Danish people are friendly and almost everyone is able to communicate in English with you, so do not be afraid about the signs (most of them are in Danish language).


I hope you can find the information presented useful.


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