Developing my global career

What would be the best thing to do on a Saturday? Most people will probably think about doing something to have fun or just lying in bed for a couple of minutes more. Well, it is a good plan, but it depends on what are your further plans. In my case, a Saturday is just one more ordinary day that can be used for achieving my future goal: to work as an international business executive.

Last Saturday, I have been in my first event, named as “Develop Your Global Career”, outside Aston campus. It is one of the biggest careers’ event in the Midlands aimed at international students and offers a series of workshops and networking opportunities to support them in developing their global careers. The event was hosted by the University of Birmingham and sponsored by the CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a membership of more than 150,000 finance, accounting and business professionals in 121 countries across the globe. This international organisation also provides some core services that include education, training, technical support and advocacy to members. Besides the host university, many students representing 15 universities from the Midlands have attended the event. It was pretty good visiting another campus, the University of Birmingham is much older than Aston, so it is easy to find many buildings with a traditional British architecture. Moreover, it was nice seeing new faces, meeting new people and improving my network. In addition, I could learn about new organisations who had delivered presentations about skills and attributes that organisation are looking for in global graduates. I also gained insights into international opportunities by listening speeches of two undergraduate students who told us about their work experience in many different countries.

Furthermore, I attended a workshop to learn more about visas for working in the UK. The information presented has broaden my knowledge about how to apply and be prepared for working in the UK after my studies. Moreover, I had the opportunity to have my picture taken by a professional photographer for free. I am still waiting for receiving this picture, but I am sure it will be a pretty good one to use on my online social network such as Linkedin and Facebook.

In conclusion, it was a busy and nice day and spending a Saturday like that makes me feel good. This event reinforced my feelings that I am in the right time and place, doing the right thing in my life here in the UK. In my opinion, business is not just about skills, knowledge and profit. The most important aspect when doing business is people. Not to mention that, connecting with people should be a natural thing if you want to succeed. Colin Powell, a former US Secretary of State once said, “There are no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”



Thanks for reading, see you next month! (first picture is not mine, the weather wasn’t good for taking outdoor pictures haha)

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I'm from Recife, a beautiful coastal city located in the Brazilian Northeastern region. I'm communicative and easy-going, also a film fanatic. Like sports, gym, and love chilling out with my friends for a drink at a pub or beach.