Crossing the thirties’ barrier

Last Wednesday I turned 31 having experienced my first birthday celebration outside Brazil. All I can say is it was a pleasant moment among new good friends I have made in Birmingham so far.

Well, I am not a huge fan of partying heavily when celebrating my own birthday, so I have always preferred just inviting some friends for a gathering in a pub for having some drinks, cake and to chill out. Most people might think that birthday celebrations are always the same, but there are some slight differences between having birthday parties in Brazil and in the UK. In this post, I will make some comparisons about those differences. However, just remember this is mostly related to celebrating your birthday at a pub/bar type of place.

First, there is a considerable difference regarding the size of tables in pubs. In Brazil, tables are usually larger or you will have more space available for putting tables together to accommodate many people at once. On the other hand, in the UK, space in pubs is a bit more limited and tables are sized for a maximum four to six people. It was quite a challenge trying to accommodate 25 people in a British pub, but in the end, we managed to sort everything out.

Second, speaking about food in a pub. The British culture is more individualist so people will order their own food apart from the other’s choice. Food platters for two or three people are not a common thing. However, the Brazilian Latin culture is focus on collectivism and people usually order a large plate for sharing with everyone in the table. This is a good thing if everybody shares pretty much the same taste for food, quite common in Brazil. Nevertheless, in the UK and especially among an international group of students, it is practically impossible to find a single palate satisfying all members.

Last, how service is provided. Being served at the table is quite a common thing in Brazil, even at a pub or bar, while in Britain; the common sense is that a bartender at the bar serves you. So do not expect a waiter/waitress to come at your table and take your order. The reason is that in the British culture, people drop by a pub for a drink or food but not for long. In Brazil, nonetheless for drink or food, people will stick longer in a pub, particularly if the reason is a birthday celebration.


Hope you can find this information useful.


Thanks for reading, cheers!

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