Arrival in the UK and the Luggage’s Challenge

Let me say that, first of all, being back in the UK will always be a pleasure but, this time I had some difficulties taking the same route I took last year. Everything went fine when I left Recife. I took a flight to Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo, and things started to be complicated when I reached there whislt I was waiting for my next KLM flight to Amsterdam.

As my friend Michael posted recently, Air France employees went on strike which also affected KLM. Fortunately, I bumped into some friends from my city who were waiting for the same flight. At least I had company to endure this extra time of delay. And after two hours of delay we’ve finally taken off. The flight was great. KLM’s crew is one of the best I know.

Therefore, the Air France’s strike was still making my life a little bit hard. After a 10 hours flight from São Paulo, I had another hour of delay to take the next flight to London. So you are probably thinking “It’s fine Julius, it happens…” and I agree with you, it does really happens. Part of me was frustrated and maybe this feeling was provenient from my anxiety to come back to Britain after one and a half years. Among all the European countries I’ve been, the UK has a special place in my heart. It is hard to explain that, it’s just a good feeling when I am here. But, let’s stop with tenderness and go back to my adventure.

Flight from Amsterdam (love that place) to London was fine, and landing there was just perfect. So I’m here again, happy, excited, after leaving the border control, and another surprise… my luggage was damaged and one of the wheels was missing! Sure, I should have complained about it with the air company but, come on I was so tired and just wanted to leave Heathrow Airport (fourth one in the trip). Then, I decided to move on (it was a cheap luggage anyway) and met my Brazilian friend Israel, who has been living in the UK for past three years. We took the underground and train heading to his place in Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, a two hours journey.

Hey! But don’t forget. My luggage was broken and I had to carry it all the way, around the streets, tube and train. Such a lovely entrance in Britain! It couldn’t have been different… haha.

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