2014 an year of planning!

Resilience. This was the most important word for me in 2014. This year I discovered that I was more tenacious than I thought. At the beginning, the process was just about applying for a master’s degree programme in the UK, however, when you decide to study abroad other things will come out such as English language test, visa application and financial planning. The main point is how to manage that while you are still an employee in a company. Well, my advice for you is simple, focus on planning everything you might need to make things easy for you.

First, the official language in the UK is English and this means that you will have to take an English exam as a requirement to enter any course in Britain. Therefore, I suggest you prepare making use of official materials from renowned publishers such as the Cambridge University Press. The amount of time for preparing for an English exam it will depend on your previous knowledge of the language, but some courses and universities ask for higher scores. Second, the UK visa application process can take from two weeks up to three months, so be aware about the processing times for you country. In some cases you may need to travel to a different location from yours to be able to apply for a student visa. Last, in my opinion, the financial planning is the most important part in the process. The UK government requires a certain amount of money held for a specific number of days in a bank account, so do not leave it for the last moment or you might face some problems when getting your visa.

In general, I would like to say that things will be not that easy when planning for a study period abroad your country, but this type of experience will teach you more than you ever imagined. In addition, make the most of your time in this new country. Enjoy your time there and make new friends, they will probably be the best bit from this experience.


Happy New Year and thank you for reading!


I'm from Recife, a beautiful coastal city located in the Brazilian Northeastern region. I'm communicative and easy-going, also a film fanatic. Like sports, gym, and love chilling out with my friends for a drink at a pub or beach.